Freedom From Self-Sabotage Coaching

Are you ready be free?
"Yes, I am ready to live my best life."

This customized coaching program is designed to guide you on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. Throughout this program, you will acquire vital knowledge, effective reprogramming tools, and practical resources, all aimed at freeing you from the constraints of limiting beliefs and conditioning that have been holding you back from reaching your fullest potential.

1-on-1 coaching - 2 Sessions

1500 USD

One or two installment options.
You can opt to pay 50% before first session, and the remaining 50% before the second. Please keep in mind due to the personalized nature of mentoring, there are limited slots available. Book a free 30-minute discovery call to start.

Why choose me as your coach?

For years, I held myself back with negative self-limiting beliefs, convinced I wasn't worthy of living the life I had envisioned. It wasn't until I realized that these beliefs were programmed into us, that I started rewriting my own programming. Now, I'm eager to share these transformative steps with you, helping you free yourself from self-sabotage and unlock your true potential.

I’m committed to your journey in overcoming self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors so you can fully embrace life.

It's going to work like this
Client Questionnaire

In this 30-minute discovery call we will discuss the main challenges that are contributing to your self-sabotage.

a speech bubble with a pencil and a pencil in it
a speech bubble with a pencil and a pencil in it
Discovery call

I will send you the in-depth client questionnaire to learn more about you and help tailor your coaching program.

Support Materials

We will have two 90-minute video calls. These sessions will explore your self-sabotaging behaviors and cover the solutions to overcome them.

Video calls

You will have access to materials covering self-sabotage and how to apply them specifically in your life.

1 on 1 coaching 

This coaching is between you and me. There will be no other people involved.


You will receive an exclusive strategy for overcoming your self-sabotage.


I will be behind every video call and message you receive.

Support Materials

Access to self-sabotage materials that will help guide you in your transformation.